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Why Give Positive Reinforcement to Kids

Why Give Positive Reinforcement to Kids

Do you find it quite challenging to manage your kids’ behavior at home? Do you think they’re too restless to listen to their teachers at their preschool in Chicago Illinois? Instead of punishing and scolding them, why not try giving them positive reinforcement.

Why do kids need affirmation?
Studies show that affirming positive behavior is more effective than punishing bad behavior. And this is because of the pleasant feeling it generates, making the recipient more eager to do good repeatedly. Whether at home or at a daycare in Illinois, giving positive behavior is used as a behavior modification technique to motivate kids.

What are the ways of giving positive reinforcement?
Giving positive reinforcement could be done in many ways. You can do the following if you don’t know where and how to start – these are effective for kids in at a kindergarten or other early childhood education programs:

  • Clap your hands or give them a cheer if they perform well, especially in public.
  • Praise them.
  • Give them a pat on the back, high five, or hug.
  • Offer incentives (e.g., treats, toys).

Be consistent when giving affirmation. Or better yet, set up a system at home that will allow you to keep track of your kids’ good behaviors. Then, give rewards based on their points.

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