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ExceleRate Program: What Is It?

ExceleRate Program: What Is It?

As the foundational stage of human development, early childhood education should be delivered in an effective way. This phase should help students develop their character and love for learning. Considering the need for kids to cope with global standards, the government launched the ExceleRate Program for centers of preschool in Chicago Illinois.

What is the ExceleRate Program?

ExceleRate Program is a statewide improvement and quality rating system, which is geared toward prioritizing improvement as a daily priority in centers for daycare in Illinois. In a gist, this program promotes the holistic development of kids through pieces of training on the four core aspects of life – emotional, spiritual, physical, and social.

The Four Domains of ExceleRate for Kids

To cover these core aspects, the government’s rating system also focuses on four important factors that could affect the education of children:

  1. Management and leadership
  2. Learning and teaching
  3. Community and family engagement
  4. Continuing education and qualifications

By prioritizing these four improvement areas, teachers will be more aware of how their methods and strategies affect the development of children. ExceleRate also offers four quality designations – licensed, bronze, silver, and gold. As the first level, the licensed certification means the school just passed the minimum requirements for the four-factor quality system. Having a gold quality certification means the school reached the highest standards for kindergarten and other early education training.

Do you want your kids to enjoy the perks of being trained at an institution with the ExceleRate Program? If yes, you might like to enroll them at Happy Kids Preschool & Daycare Center, one of the participating members of the ExceleRate Program.

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