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Development Milestones for Children 15 Months Old

Development Milestones for Children 15 Months Old

Congratulations! You’ve managed to go through your baby’s first year. You’ve already witnessed a lot of first times for your baby, such as their first steps and first words. And if you’re a first-time parent, you already have a lot of first times yourself, such as seeing a green poop and breastfeeding. But that’s not everything! More exciting child development milestones are coming your way. The most significant of which are the following when they’re 15 months old:

  • They can take their first steps.
    At 15 months, your child can already walk well. They might also have learned to walk backward or run. This is also the perfect time to give them potty training. Children at this age could also benefit from training in a reliable daycare in Illinois to develop their motor and social skills.
  • They learn new words, aside from “mama” and “dada.”
    As part of their social development, 15-month old kids might also have learned more words. Depending on how well you trained them, they can probably already say “dog,” “juice,” or “eat.”
  • They can already identify what specific objects are for.
    It’s also possible for 15-month-olds to identify objects, such as a broom for sweeping and a spoon for stirring. They can also identify their own body parts. These new vocabularies can help them communicate well when they start kindergarten.
  • They start to develop their first pearly whites.
    Teething is a usual physical development that happens when they’re about 1 year old. So at 15 months, their first molar might already be starting to show. During this stage, you can expect them to feel uncomfortable and easy, affecting their appetite.

Nursing a child isn’t easy. Plus, the financial demands of having a baby. If you’re thinking of going back to work when your child turns 1 year old, you can rely on Happy Kids Preschool & Daycare Center, a preschool in Chicago Illinois that can also take care of your 15-month-old kid the way you want them to be cared for.

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