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Thanksgiving Games You Could Organize for Students

Thanksgiving Games You Could Organize for Students

Thanksgiving can easily be considered one of America’s greatest holidays. And as part of the culture, you shouldn’t miss the chance to teach kids at a preschool in Chicago Illinois the traditions behind this celebration. To engage kids effectively, you might like to do one or more of the following games at school:

  • Thanksgiving Matching Game
    Honing your kid’s memory doesn’t have to be boring. For this Thanksgiving celebration, consider playing a Thanksgiving matching game. You can make paper cutouts of turkey, leaves, fish, log cabin, teepee, corn, pilgrim, and other related drawings.
  • Scavenger Hunt
    Make at least one day of their studies at a daycare in Illinois memorable by organizing a scavenger hunt. Prepare interesting gift items and presents for kids to find. Place these strategically on the grounds of the school. You can group kids into 3 to 5 persons per group or have them do the hunt individually.
  • Thanksgiving Bingo
    Thanksgiving bingo is a perfect indoor game for kids who’re not that fond of outdoor activities. You can utilize cards with colorful printouts or pictures or Thanksgiving-related items, such as trees, pies, turkeys, pilgrims.

Kids are naturally playful. All you need to do is know their preferences when it comes to games. For this upcoming Thanksgiving, give them a memorable experience by organizing the games mentioned above. For those doing this at their kindergarten, be sure to get the teachers involved. At Happy Kids Preschool & Daycare Center, it’s been the school’s goal to integrate fun and learning for kids. So if you’re still looking for a school to enroll your kids, call or visit the institution for more information.

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