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Simple Ways to Improve Your Children’s Self-Esteem

Simple Ways to Improve Your Children’s Self-Esteem

The greatest gift a parent can give their children is a positive sense of self. Children who grow up with high-self esteem feel loved and competent, and develop into productive, happy people in the future.

To your child build a positive self-image, consider the following:

  • Give your children choices.
    Allowing your children to choose for themselves helps them feel empowered. For example, you might ask your child to choose between cereal or pancakes at breakfast.
  • Don’t do everything for your kids.
    Be patient and let them work things out for themselves. At kindergarten, children may be taught to finish activities independently, developing their self-confidence.
  • Don’t offer insincere praise to children.
    Honesty is part of proper child development and any Daycare in Illinios should know better than to give baseless praise to children. Praise your child often but be specific with your compliments.
  • Parents should assign them to age-appropriate household chores.
    This is a great way to teach children responsibility. Ask them to set the table, of walk the dog, or help you fold the laundry. This will increase their feelings of competency and improve problem-solving skills.

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