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Children enjoy and learn from our various daily activities.

group of studentsOur daily activities at Happy Kids include:

Language Arts:
Depending on your child’s age, language arts are constructed to help your child learn to talk, write, read, and print their own name; recognize letters, sentences, the meaning of words, and their own phone number; and develop vocabulary sentence structure, rhyming skills, among others.

Math deals with patterns, sorting, ordering, matching, sizing, memorizing, time concepts, learning and naming numbers, adding and subtracting, and more.

Science/Nature Studies:
This is an exploration area. Our whole annual program is based on what children see around them. Our curriculum is divided into seasons, holidays, etc. We learn about people, animals, bugs, nature, and more. We also do lots of light chemical experiments. We offer exciting classroom experience and encourage children to investigate and explore.

In this area, children learn about different types of music, instruments, and rhythm. They sing and dance which is an excellent way for the child’s self-expression. Our child care centers offer extended music classes. We have our ensemble. We teach them to sing and dance with piano accompaniment. During shows, our band performs before parents. We have great dress-ups for our little stars.

We recognize two ways of developing art skills in children. One is teacher-directed, and another one is a much more creative avenue of free choice. In both, children use many techniques and materials (ripping, cutting, painting, finger painting, drawing, gluing, etc.). Teacher-directed art is a project when the teacher offers a topic and shows an already-prepared output as an example. Free choice means that a child creates whatever he/she wants from provided materials or must do a specific topic but using materials he/she chose.

kids singingSocial Studies:
This is an area that teaches about self-identity, rules in a society, discipline, culture, traditions, etc. It is developed by imaginary play, dramatic play, recognizing emotions, and participating in group activities. This is one of the most critical areas for children — to help them understand differences and similarities, to help them recognize their own culture but also follow others’ customs and traditions, and to assist them in their social-emotional development.

Self-Help Skills:
We teach children simple (small but very important!) things, like holding a spoon or fork, tying their shoelaces, eating by themselves, dressing up by themselves, toilet training, etc.

Gross Motor Activities:
Children’s development areas also include large muscles development. It is best done through running, catching, throwing, jumping, crawling, bouncing, etc. Our playgrounds are equipped with fantastic toys like bikes, tunnels, slides, ride-on cars, balls, etc. to help children develop all of their large muscles.

Fine Motor Skills:
We develop small muscles in children’s hands. Depending on the age of the child, we help them start holding a crayon or spoon through puzzles, manipulating small objects, pegs, beads, etc. Fine motor skills are also developed by playing with Lego, doing art activities, learning how to button a shirt or tie a shoe, etc.